Our Story

Our Story

 Preserving traditional craftsmanship while looking towards the future with environmentally sustainable products.

Our workshop was founded in 1957 by Imre Elfenbein.

Imre, the founder, was my father's uncle. Imre shared all aspects of the process for making the most perfect down comforters and down pillows.  My father took over the business upon my uncle’s retirement. I joined him a little over10 years ago so that we can keep alive this beautiful and valuable trade. The product we offer today has the best of both worlds – old world craftsmanship and environmentally friendly components required in today’s world.


We now face a climate crisis that impacts us all. Because of this we’ve set achievable goals to help with the environment’s future.

We’ve prioritized sustainability and implemented green initiatives.


  • Using new technologies to reduce emission
  • Partnering with suppliers offering sustainable products such as 100% recycled down
  • Using ethically sourced products
  • Recycling and composting waste


Today, there are just a few companies that produce handmade comforters. As we focus on environmentally friendly products, we still fill each comforter and pillow by hand.  So, when you get to use one of our comforters or pillows we know you’ll have a wonderful experience, knowing this impacts our planet positively.