Enviromental Quality

Enviromental Quality


Here at Elfenbein we operate with our enviromental’s future in mind.

At Elfenbein Ltd., we are committed to doing our bit to reduce greenhouse gas emissions that impact climate change. We are reducing our own carbon footprint and helping consumers to do the same.

As a global citizen, we are concerned about the negative consequences of climate change. We believe industry, governments and consumers can work together to reduce emissions to protect the atmosphere.


We always look for ways to improve the environmental quality of our products, packaging and global operations.



Down and feathers have been recycled since people use them as filling material for their bedding products. In the old times, farmers took the down out of the fabric shell when their duvet was too damaged. They washed the down, added new down to it and filled it into a new shell. They knew well how precious down is!


We offer this 100% Recycled down in our Basic quality products and in our 80% down pillows.