Queen Goose Down Comforter
Queen Goose Down Comforter
Queen Goose Down Comforter

Queen Goose Down Comforter

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Our Hungarian goose down comforter, handmade in traditional ways, since 1957.

This method allows extra fluffy boxes, where the goose down to stay in place keeping you warm.

All of our goose down comforters are hand filled, and hand made. Because we make each comforter individually, we can customise the order to your specifications.


We offer three different types of quality standard goose down comforters. They are
  • Royal
  • Luxury
  • Basic

    The following provides more details for each goose down comforter

    Royal quality

    Cover material: 100% Cotton-Nano Batiste
    Thread count: 442
    Color: White
    Filled with: 100% Pure white Hungarian goose down
    Filling power: 850
    Life span: 80-90 years


    Cover material: 100% Cotton-Batiste
    Thread count: 266
    Color: Ivory
    Filled with: Minimum 90% Hungarian goose down
    Filling power: 750
    Life span: 30-35 years


    Cover material: 100% Cotton
    Thread count: 133
    Color: White
    Filled with: Minimum 80% Hungarian goose down
    Filling power: 450
    Life span: 5-7 years

    Additional information for each type of goose down products

    The weight
    The lighter the comforter the higher the quality because:

    • The outside fabric is lighter and finer for the Royal quality comforter.
    • The higher filling power, means that we can put less amount of goose down into the boxes to reach the same warmth rate.

    Care instructions:

    • Recommended dry cleaning
    • Can be washed in washer with large dryer availability. Place tennis or dryer balls in dryer while drying
    • Can also be put out for airing on dry and sunny day.
    • Shake it up gently every 2-5 days.
    • Avoid sitting or laying on the comforter, because the goose down inside could break, and could lose it's filling power.

    All of our goose downs are hypoallergenic. They are prewashed in thermal water and disinfected before use.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 18 reviews Write a review

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 19 reviews
    Johann Boon
    The most authentic Duvet

    This is the real deal duvet. It can truly be customized however you like - just email Tamas. Tamas offered great service and kindly offered to give us a bigger pillow for American sizes. The duvet is fluffy and a comfortable temperature. It comes vaccuum packed, and about after a week it fully fluffs up. It feels like a duvet we can use for years and years. We spend almost a third of our life under the covers so it’s worth the best quality. This one is truly special from Hungary, which has a long and celebrated tradition raising the finest Goose feathers. That’s how we found Elfenbein - which is the best in Budapest. The sandwich pillow is a great innovation and my new favourite pillow.

    Eliezer peer
    Winter warmth level, and filling weight

    I already wrote a review, and this is my second opinion.
    I made a small research on this matter, and briefly my conclusions :
    An optimal winter queen comforter should have tog 13.5 warmth level, and filling weight of 1200 grams to reach the optimal sleeping pleasure.
    To reach this warmth level, the queen comforter should have the following filling weights:
    Royal……………..1,147 grams
    Luxury……….…..1,420 grams
    The standard filling weights of this company are:
    Royal……………….850 grams
    Luxury……………1,200 grams
    Finally……a pleasant sleep will keep you safe and healthy.
    Eliezer peer.

    Eliezer peer
    A wonderful down miracle

    I am very satisfied with the winter luxury queen comforter. The sateen cover with a silk/nylon touch is of very high quality. The stitching is perfect. The logic attitude to make all around the comforter a “piping” filled with down, is very clever, so the down stay in the edges to keep the warmth (and not empty ones like others).
    Regarding the goose down…it is well known that the Hungarian down is of high quality at a reasonable price.
    Your winter comforter with 1300 grams down filling to reach 13.5 tog warmth is the optimal weight, and the sleeping is a a real great pleasure!!!
    In china they normally make such a comforter with 3 kg filling, which is annoying.
    Also…the 3D virtual tour in your workshop is very helpful.
    Thank you very much mr tamas for your craftsmanship.

    Laura Davis
    Tamas deserves his stellar reputation for honesty & the quality of his workmanship.

    Tamas deserves his stellar reputation for honesty & the quality of his workmanship. The 100% Siberian (royal) goose down comforter is pure luxury, and he patiently answered my many questions before I purchased. A word about pillows: My favorite is the firm (hard) royal quality 100% goose down. These you can buy from his website or by asking him to list them on Etsy. Expensive, but like resting your head on a cloud. I would not go for soft in 100% goose down as I've handled one & found it a bit floppy for my taste. Sandwich pillows are a great value. After awhile, they get more malleable although we use the firm only to sit up in bed to read or watch TV. The medium is perfect for sleeping & I imagine the soft sandwich (which I haven't tried) would be ideal for those who like to punch and shape their pillow!

    Barb Geissler
    like sleeping in a cloud. incredibly fast shipping. totally worth it!

    like sleeping in a cloud. incredibly fast shipping. totally worth it!