1. Costs and terms of delivery 
1.1 The ordered products are delivered by the Hunagrian Post messenger service. After your order had been confimed, and the product is in stock, it is delivered according to the following:  
Within the European Union: 4-10 working day 
USA and Canada: 4-15 working day 
1.2  We try to do our best to deliver the product before the deadline stated in the contract. In case we couldn’t fulfil the order, because the product is not in stock, we fortwith inform our customers and give the date of the anticipatory deadline. In case the new given date would not be appropriate for the customer, and he/she decides to withdraw from the order, the amount already paid will be refunded to him/her. 
1.3 The delivery fares are charged to the customer. The delivery costs are varied depending on the modes of transport and the location of the customer.  For further information see [1.5.] menu item below. 
1.4 Please examine your package when delivered in the presence of the courier. In case the package is damaged a report should be taken and you are asked not to accept the damaged package, or please call our customer service for help in problemsolving. We cannot accept any complaint after the package had already been accepted.  
1.5 Delivery fares 


Within the Hungary  the delivery is FREE, if the sum of the order is above net 30000 HUF. In other cases the delivery fare costs 2500 HUF + VAT. 

Within the European Union the delivery is FREE, if the sum of the order is above net 60000 HUF. In other cases the delivery fare costs 12000 HUF + VAT. 


To the USA and Canada, the delivery is FREE if the sum of the order is above net 100000 HUF. In other cases the delivery fare costs 12000 HUF