The present Terms and Condition (hereinafter: Agreement) include the rights and obligations of Elfenbein Ltd. sole proprietor (35, Teréz Krt., Budapest, 1067, hereinafter: Store) and the customer recepient of the electronic service (hereinafter: Customer). (Hereinafter: Partners) 
1. About us 
1.1.  This webstore was set up for the services and opportunities to help our customers to find, choose and purchase their desired products in a more simple way. We tried to adapt the shop features to the arising needs and moreover we will do our best to ease and help your purchase. We try to provide our customers the maximum amount of information about the selected products, to help you find the  the most appropriate products. 
1.2. This webstore is operated by our company under the Hungarian Act CVIII of 2001 on certain issues of electronic commerce activities and information society services (Referred as: Act CVIII of 2001).  
1.3.  The Act CVIII of 2001 Article 4. statutory data supply obligations for our Company can be found in point 2. 
2.  Company data 
Name of the maunufacturer:  Elfenbein Ltd.  

Seat: H-1067 Budapest, Terréz Krt. 35. 
Phone number: +36 1 3122-516 
Mobile phone number: +36-30-684-7001 
E-mail adress: 
Tax number: 24773542-2-42 

EU Tax number: HU 24773542 
Account number: 11707000-20490135 

Agent’s name: Katalin Steinecker 
3. About our customers 
3.1  Our products can be bought by the customers, who can be any natural or legal person or unincorporated enterprise who uses our services. 
3.2  Our prospective customers are asked to register themselves prior to their first purchase. By registering our customer acknowledge the content involved in the “Terms and Conditions”.  
3.3 In case our customers forgets their passwords, it can be made available upon request. Harms originating from the password used by an unauthorized person is the responsibility of the owner of the password. We shall not assume any responsibility for harms originating from registration forms wrongly filled. 
4. Purchase and order 
Purchase in our webstore is possible by orders given by electronic means as specified in this Terms and Conditions. The contract between the involved parties shall realise by confirming the content of your cart with the “Order” button. Please fill all the required fields on the order form, and check all your data. Thus the contract between parties in Hungarian language is considered as a written contract, which is filed and kept by our Store for the subsequent three monhts. 
5. Legal environment 
5.1. Purchasing from our webstore is regulated by the Hungarian Act CVIII of 2001 on certain issues of electronic commerce activities and information society services, in addition  the Government Regulation 17/1999.(II.5.) on the protection of consumers in respect of distance contracts, the Act CLV of 1997 on the consumer protection, and the Act IV. of 1959 on the Civil Code. 
6. Prices  
Any product in our webstore is free of charge only in case this is indicated separately, otherwise the customer should pay in all cases the consideration indicated. Our company is free to exercise the right of price changing. The price changes will take effect when displayed in the online webstore. The published prices are gross prices including the VAT. 
The published prices do not include delivery costs. 

6.2. If despite all the careful actions of the Store an incorrect price shall occur in the Webshop, in particular a clear error, for example a price of a product significantly differs from the generally accepted estimate, possibly due to system error message, "0" HUF or "1" HUF, the Store is not obliged to deliver the product at the defective rates.  In contrary, the Store has to offer the best prices for the product and the delivery, after which offer the customer may cancel the purchase intentions. 


7.  Payment terms 


Reimbursement of consideration of products ordered from the webshop shall be made at the seat on receipt of the product, bank transfer in advance, or via PayPal. 


8. Conditions and charges of delivery 

8.1 The ordered products are delivered by the Hunagrian Post messenger service. After your order had been confimed, and the product is in stock, it is delivered according to the following:  
Within the European Union: 4-10 working day 
USA and Canada: 4-15 working day 
8.2  We try to do our best to deliver the product before the deadline stated in the contract. In case we couldn’t fulfil the order, because the product is not in stock, we fortwith inform our customers and give the date of the anticipatory deadline. In case the new given date would not be appropriate for the customer, and he/she decides to withdraw from the order, the amount already paid will be refunded to him/her. 
8.3 The delivery fares are charged to the customer. The delivery costs are varied depending on the modes of transport and the location of the customer.  For further information see [1.5.] menu item below. 
8.4 Please examine your package when delivered in the presence of the courier. In case the package is damaged a report should be taken and you are asked to not to accept the damaged package, or please call our customer service for help in problemsolving. We cannot accept any complaint after the package had already been accepted.  
8.5 Delivery fares 
Within the Hungary the delivery is FREE, if the sum of the order is above net 30000 HUF. In other cases the delivery fare costs 2500 HUF. 


Within the European Union the delivery is FREE, if the sum of the order is above net 60000 HUF. In other cases the delivery fare costs 12000 HUF. 

To the USA and Canada, he delivery is FREE if the sum of the order is above net 100000 HUF. In other cases the delivery fare costs 12000 HUF 
The delivery conditions apply for the European Union. Outside the European Union  the deadlines and the delivery costs are different. 

9.  Warranty, Guarantee 


9.1. Only high-quality, flawless products are sold in our webstore. The distirbution of any products are complying fully to the current Hungarian legal regulations. We provide the warranty of the products sold according to the laws in force. Any claim for guarantees should be aimed to the customer service in written form. 


9.2.  Product are sold in our webstore as amended in the Act 151/2003. (IX.22) Government Decree on guarantee commitments of durable consumer's goods.  The 72-hour exchange warranty may appeal to the customer if the intended use of the product is prevented by a fault. The  Store has the right to re-check the fault indicated of the purchased products by the service center, and in cases the error is due to improper use, repair costs shall be paid by the customer. 


10.  Product information 


10.1. We include the picture, the product description containing all the relevant information and all the specific instructions of its use, and all the hazards involved in the use - if any - of the products sold in our Webstore. Simultaneously with the confirmation of the order our Customers receive written prospectus with the obligatory content according to the 2.§ of the Government Regulation. The written prospectus contains besides the data for identifying the enterprise, the essential characteristics of the product selected, the price and its additional expenses, the delivery or postage costs, if any, furthermore the delivery terms, information of the period of tender validity of the enterprise and the payment and other terms and conditions, futhermore the right of withdrawal. 


10.2 In case you need any further information other than those found on our portal about the quality, the essential characteristics, the usage or the functionality of any product, please contact our customer service.   


11. Custom Rights 

  • The customer who purchases the products is responsible for paying the customs rights, and of the possible paperwork involved. 

  • The customers are required to keep close track on their packages. If there is any delay in receiving a package, you will need to contact the designated courier services agency or immediately inform Elfenbein Kft. in order to ascertain the reason for the delay. 

  • We will not be responsible or liable if the package is shipped back to us, damaged or confiscated due to problems with custom clearance. Therefore, please check with your country's custom for their specific custom laws. 

  • We will not be responsible or liable for damaged packages or those shipped back to us in the event that the designated courier service fail after several attempts to deliver your package(s) due to your absence to collect the package(s) from the given destination address. 

  • The responsibility of the seller stops when the product has been shipped off to the address specified by the customer 


12. The customer’s right of withdrawal 

12.1  The customer may withdraw form the contract, without reason, within 30(thirty) working days. The right of withdarwal can be exercised by the customer from the day of the receipt of the product. The return costs are charged to the customer. Our Webstore reimburse the consideration of the product within 30 (thirty) days following the day of withdrawal. Our customer may not exercise the right of withdarawal: in case of purchasing a product which is personalized to the customer or products made by the specific instructions of the customer or specifically requested by the customer, or products which by their nature can not be returned, or the items are not in their original condition or used. 

13. About the contract 
13.1. The language of the conclusion and the contract itself is Hungarian/English.  
13.2. The sequential technical steps to follow to conclude the contract are automatically offered to the customer by the system. Before the order is sent, the process can be interrupted at any time. The customer has the opportunity to verify the data entered, and correct the potential data entry errors before the order has been sent. The order sent by the customer constitutes a legal statement of application to conclude contracts. This contract comes into existence when the confirmation of the order is accessible by the Store, and has arrived to the Customer. In case the confimation have not arrived within 48 hours following the dispatch of the order, our partner shall exempt from the tender validity. 
13.3. The contract entered after the order and the confirmation is considered as a written contract, which is filed and kept by our Store, and is accessible for the subsequent three months. 
13.4. The Contracting Parties shall do their utmost that any question in dispute should be settled through negotiation. In case a negotiated solution is not possible to the dispute, the Contracting Parties agree that it shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the competent Court of Budapest, depending on the value of the treshold. 
14. Copyrights, privacy 
14.1 All the data and information found on the pages of the Webstore and the webpage design are protected by copyright. Using any of these elements without the consent of the right-holder is considered as infringe of the copyright and shall have the legal consequence. 
14.2. When handling the data of our Customers the current provisions of the Act LXIII of 1992 on the protection of personal data and disclosure of data of public interest shall prevail. The data provided shall be stored assigned exclusively to the performance of the contract and to the future verification of the terms of contract, and the data shall not be released to anyone without the customers permission. Our Company as the operator of the Webstore, comply with all applicable laws and provisions requirements of data protection. 


15. Customer service 

The Store operates a customer service to meet the requirements of the customers, which is available to the customers according to the following: 

Phone number: +36-30-684-7001 
E-mail adress: